DeVorm Big Round デフォルム ビッグラウンド


Our Big collection has a new member with a round shape: the BIG Round.Circular tables invite a sense of equality. They divide people and space in an equal ratio. A friendly way to be seated, as formal or informal as you wish.Just like the rest of our Big Collection, the Big Round is also highly customizable.Choose the surface, colour, shape and size to make this the perfect table for any context.

Size(mm) Big Round 74
Φ: 1600~1750,1760~2100,2110~2500
Height: 740
Size(mm) Big Round 95
Φ: 1600~1750,1760~2100,2110~2500
Height: 950
Size(mm) Big Round 110
Φ: 1600~1750,1760~2100,2110~2500
Height: 1100

Standard frame colour
Black or white

Custom frame colour
Any RAL colour

Table top
Various possiblities

De Vorm

DeVorm – デフォルム

リサイクルペットボトルから作られている「Pet Felt」を使用し、デザイン・製造の各工程において廃棄物を最低限に抑えるべく、常に環境思考と経済的視点の両立を見据えてる家具メーカー。